Village of Tower Hill

Tower is old dwarven ruin, now an inn

Tower Inn

Sitting at the top of Tower Hill is a squat little cube of a tower of obvious Dwarven make. Its dark stone exterior is topped with a bright red tiled roof – an equally obvious recent addition to the ancient structure. The sign hanging above the tower’s wide, squat door bears the symbol of a bed and a tankard.

Mayor Nichols Livingstone – Mayor and Sheriff of Tower Hill
The owner and operator of the Tower Inn, a short rotund man with arms as thick as a bear’s. He wears the dirt brown trousers and hunter’s green tunic of his lord Alric al’Sorna. When meeting with strangers and on special occasions (weddings, court hearings, festivals, etc.) he also wears the silver medallion of the Mayor’s office (a set of balancing scales). When things seem to be turning violent, he bears a simple mace with a jade lion worked into the hilt – the symbol of a Leonite Sheriff.

Village of Tower Hill

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